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Jungle Rules


Dress Right:

Try to wear clothes that cover your legs and arms fully as there is no telling what kind of wild plants and insects you may come in contact with, leading to severe allergies. It is also a good idea to wear layers in the jungle instead of relying on one item of clothing.

Blend In:

It won't help if you wear polka dots, trinkets and jarring colors in the jungle. The idea is to blend in with the natural environment and avoid attracting undue attention. This also intimidates and keeps the animals away.

Composure Helps:

Be calm at all times in the jungle as this helps to relax the animals as well. Keep your excitement and enthusiasm under wraps.

Keep the Right Company:

Stick to your jungle guide and group at all times.

Travel Light:

Take only what you need to the jungle. Some jungle expeditions are weary and the extra equipment like tripods, munchies and the like will not only create a ruckus but also tire you out soon.

Protective Gear:

Sunglasses, sunscreens and sunhats protect you from the harsh rays of the Sun and prevent sunburns. It is also wise to wear comfortable and covered shoes with socks instead of floaters and other footwear that exposes the foot.

Extra Protection:

In case you are allergic to animal fur or dust, please carry your medication with you.

Photographer's Delight:

Be prepared with a good camera and stock up on extra film before embarking on the expedition. Also, consult the jungle guide before taking pictures or shooting videos.

Must Haves:

Insect and mosquito repellant creams, antiseptic creams, band-aids, water bottle, first aid kit, small torch, personal hygiene products, raincoats and the like.


No Feeding:
One cannot predict how the animals will behave once you feed them and stop. Also, it changes the eating habits of the creatures of the jungle.

No Littering:

The jungle is home to several wild animals and it is best not to leave any litter behind, especially plastic.

Ignorance Hinders:

Do not be ignorant or lax if you observe irresponsible behavior on part of the staff or visitors and report the authorities as soon as possible.

Too Close for Comfort:

In an attempt to observe animals better, do not get too close. You will either scare them away or invite retaliation. Also, do not try to make friends with the wild animals in the jungle.


The jungle is not the place for hearty conversations and discussions. Keep conversation restricted to the safari/expedition and avoid talking in a loud tone.

No Souvenirs Please:

Do not prance about collecting samples of stones, leaves and bird feathers in the jungle.

Child Menace:

It is not wise to bring infants and small children in the jungle as they often find it hard to retain calm thereby scaring away the shy animals.

Foolish Photography:

Do not create a ruckus while taking pictures and shooting videos. Keep the flash mode off and you will do everybody a favor.

Fire Alert:

Avoid using and leaving behind any combustible substances in the jungle.

Cellphone Hazard:

Do not carry cellphones in the jungle or keep them switched off during the course of the safari. Sounds such as those of cellphones will only annoy our furry friends.

Do not Disturb:

Remember that you are in the jungle to explore it and observe the animals in their natural habitat. Do not disturb or aggravate them by throwing stones and trying to grab their attention.

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