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Welcome To Our Camp!

A place for Tiger, Leopard, Wild dogs, Honey Badger, Sloth Bears, other Endangered Species and more than 200 different species of birds. A place for :

Wildlife and Birders

A recovery plan for Nature

A Living Landscape is a recovery plan for nature championed by The Wildlife Trust since 2006. It is a new way of thinking about how we manage land to do more for wildlife and people.

The Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary is a miraculously preserved "Green Oasis" in the eastern most part of the Maharashtra State and has a great importance from bio-diversity conservation point of view. This sanctuary is having picturesque landscapes, luxuriant vegetation. This wildlife sanctuary is indeed nature's priceless asset and beckons one and all to enjoy its picturesque landscape, its scenic beauty, its pure and fresh air. It is really a boon to us.


This sanctuary is the abode of, besides innumerable other insects and ants species, about 49 Butterfly species belonging to 9 families, the important species among them are Common Rose, Common Mormon, Lime Butterfly, Common Sailor, Common Indian Crow, Black Rajah etc.


Nearly 34 species of mammal belonging to about 8 natural orders and 16 families are seen in this sanctuary, out of which about 14 species are of endangered status, namely Tiger, Panther, Jungle Cat, Small Indian Civet, Palm Civet, wolf, Jackal, Sloth Bear, Ratel, Common Giant Flying Squirrel, Gaur, Four Horned Antelope, Mouse Deer, Pangolin.


The avifauna of this sanctuary is it's most attractive wildlife feature. Well over 166 species belonging to about 16 different orders and 47 families have been recorded here. Also as many as 15 species of migratory birds and about 42 species of local migrants are reported. One remarkable bird, "Bar-headed Goose" which is a winter migrant from Ladakh and Tibet inhabits Chorkhamara tank located adjoining the sanctuary. There are 13 bird species of endangered status including peafowl and the birds belonging to "Accipitridae" family.


This sanctuary is the abode of about 36 species of reptiles belonging to 2 natural orders and 11 families out of which about 6 species are of endangered status namely Indian Rock Python, Dhaman, Indian Cobra, Russel's Viper, Checkered Keelback and Common Monitor.


This sanctuary is a home of many interesting varieties of frogs and toads like Tree-frog, Bull-frog, Six-toed frog, an uncommon toad; Ramanella montana etc.

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